2 hours private guided tour of Albi

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Would you like to know more about Albi by listening to a tour guide? Book your guide now! The tour can be delivered in French, English or Spanish.
piècesFrom €94 for the guided tour - maximum 9 people, entry to sites not included
calendrierToute l'année

2 hours private guided tour

Are you visiting with family or friends? Are you planning on exploring Albi, the Episcopal City on your next break?
Book a tour guide for your mini group (maximum 9 people), for a more comfortable, more personal visit. Share Albi’s secrets, discover the great classics, Saint Cecilia’s Cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum or wander off the well trodden paths. The topic of the tour is decided upon when you book. You meet your guide at the Tourist Information Centre, place Sainte-Cécile.

So, have you decided? Do you want to know Albi’s little secrets and great history?


  • Guided tour: €94 for 2hrs (maximum 9 people)
  • Bank holidays: +€60
  • Entry to sites and monuments is not included, according to your tour.
  • Albi visite privative - 2h avec un guide conferencier-Albi Tourisme
  • Albi la cathedrale la plus grande cathedrale peinte en Europe - Visite avec un guide - Albi Tourisme
  • Albi le centre historique- Visite avec un guide- Albi Tourisme
  • Albi la Cité épiscopale inscrite au Patrimoine mondial - Visite avec un guide - Albi Tourisme
  • Albi musée Toulouse-Lautrec, la plus grande collection publique au monde - Visite avec un guid - Albi Tourisme

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