Cécile and Henri, the experts for your Albigensian trips, advise you “the essential trip”, Short stay box to celebrate the Valentine's Day in Albi (45 minutes from Toulouse)!

Albi Tourism
Cécile and Henri's trips for Valentine's Day

Are you curious and in love? That's good Albi is THE ideal romantic destination for a discovery break, in complete freedom. We offer you in the box 1 night in a *** hotel, 1 dinner and 1 visit pass, but to enjoy these moments as a duo even more, enrich your box with unforgettable experiences!

  • Do you want to “go all out” on your “love nest”?
    Spend the night at the castle!
  • Do you want to challenge yourself in the kitchen?
    Start preparing your chocolates, a cocktail or making a pizza from A to Z!
  • Are you a history and architecture buff?
    Book a private visit and why not in a 2CV!

Lacking inspiration? Tell us, we will offer you other good deals approved by Cécile and Henri!

Albi Tourism

Albi colorful destination

Pratical information

From 99 € / person -
1 night in a *** hotel based on double room + breakfast 
+ 1 dinner (coffee and wine included)
+ admission to Sainte-Cécile Cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum
+ 1 Albi City Pass to take advantage of the many offers and discounts.
“Good deals” quote on request.

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