LIGHT ON: Carole alias une_fille_davril, Albigensian instagramer and passionate about Albi who will tell us about her city

What is your favorite(s) in Albi?

They are numerous:

If you had to define Albi in two words?

A box of bricks.

What is your favorite Albigensian / Tarn dish? or aperitif?

My greedy side inclines me to hold back the gimblettes (crown-shaped biscuit, flavored with citron and lemon), the Jeannots (triangular biscuit with anise. Tip: to be enjoyed with a square of chocolate).
I recommend you the chocolatier Julien Gayraud, 2 rue de l'Oulmet. Besides the chocolates, I invite you to taste the Panettones.

In your opinion, what is the nicest place in Albi to relax?

For my part, I would say the historic heart of Albi et the banks of the Tarn, which are good places for my photographic trips.

Which Instagram photo are you most proud of?

A photo posted May 1, 2021 : a pretty red rose that surrounds the Sainte-Cécile cathedral. Taken from the Castelviel district.

Finally, to conclude our interview, what do you want for Albi for this year 2022?

In this centenary of Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, I hope that the city can benefit from a stronger influence.

Follow Carole on Instagram: @a_girl_of_april

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