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Where can you stay in Albi and the surrounding area? Albi Tourism can provide you the list of hotels, guest houses, holiday rentals, campsites, and holiday parks which are members of the Tourist Information Centre. Choose from more than 100 accommodation options in and around Albi.
  • Hotels

    The hotels in and around Albi. A large range of hotels, 20 registered establishments. Online booking available. All inclusive packages to be...
  • Guestrooms

    In Albi and its close surroundings, 35 guestrooms owners, members of the Tourist Office.
  • Furnished apartments

    In Albi and its close surroundings - more than 40 furnished flats owners, members of the Tourist Office. A large range of offers for your se...
  • Camping

    To go camping, it is possible in Albi ! Albi Rondack is a 100% natural camping, in a beautiful domain surrounded by the forest, including a ...
  • Parks and recreation

    At the Albi doors, two residential leisure parks offer rentals in their wooded domains.
  • Tourist accommodation

    To find accomodation in Albi also means selecting a room in a home for youngs in the city centre or stopping in an urban holiday cottage.

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