The Albi tourist office certified Tourism and Disability - 2024

The Albi Tourist Office has the Tourism and Disability label. Allowing you to enjoy Albi with complete peace of mind and to plan your stay and your visits as best as possible: these are the commitments of the destination's team of experts, for a wonderful visit to Albi!

Essential guides

The guide “Albi Accessibility” presents tourist sites, accommodation, restaurants, activities accessible and adapted to people with disabilities. It will allow you to enjoy Albi with complete peace of mind and plan your stay and visits as well as possible.

Le large print tour guide
Albigensian heritage points are presented and illustrated.

Le FALC tour guide
Albigensian heritage points easy to read and understand

Albi Tourist Office welcomes you


Albi Tourism

The Albi reception office is marked Tourism & Disability label and attaches importance to an increasingly adapted welcome for mental, motor, auditory and visual handicaps. Access adapted for people with reduced mobility is possible via the entrance to the Tourist Office by the rue Maries.

We are happy to welcome you to an accessible tourist office where all the staff are at your disposal to facilitate your discovery of Albi. Making tourism in Albi accessible to all is a priority for us!

For the reception of our visitors in situation:

mentally handicapped

  • The self-service documentation is presented in a clear way, classified by themes and geographical sectors.
  • The different categories are identifiable thanks to the text/image association.
  • An easy-to-read and understand tour guide is available.

motor disability

  • An accessible entrance, on one level (from rue Mariès)
  • The doors open automatically
  • The path on one level in the reception area.
  • Presence of adapted counters (in the shop part and the reception part) for people in wheelchairs.
  • Several seating areas available in the reception area.
  • A touch screen accessible for people in wheelchairs.

hearing disability

  • A hearing aid system (magnetic loop) is available and works permanently at the reception of the tourist office.
  • staff are made aware of the use of writing

visually impaired

  • The passage to return to the tourist office is free of any obstacle. A reception desk is located near the entrance.
  • The journey inside the reception area is on one level with several seating areas available.
  • The walls, doors and floor are in contrasting colours. The glass doors and bay windows are easily identifiable.
  • A vigilance band is present at the exit of the tourist office on Place Sainte-Cécile with contrasting stair nosings.
  • The title of the displays is written in large type combining text and image.
  • Brochures in Braille as well as a visit guide in large print are available at the reception of the tourist office.
  • Historical information on the main sites to visit is available free of charge in audio format on our website and on a flyer adapted to the reception of the tourist office.

Important information:

 The Albi tourist office does not have accessible toilets. The closest PMR-accessible toilets are:

  • under the hall of Covered market – entrance at the Utile mini-market (170 m from the tourist office)
  • between the cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, Temporality Street (note the steep slope from Place Sainte-Cécile, we recommend passing through Place de Monseigneur Mignot to access the entrance).
  • au cathedral car park (250 m from the tourist office).

Parking and transport info

Important information: Park near the Tourist Office

  • 2 places Place de l'Archevêché, in front of the Toulouse-Lautrec museum (120 m from the tourist office).
  • Several suitable places are located on the upper part of the Cathedral car park (250 m from the tourist office)
  • 1 place rue Emile Grand (near the covered market, 250 m from the tourist office)

Our recommendation for visitors with visual impairments

Zoom on the theatrical visit of “Albi in the time of the cathedrals". For the visually impaired, this journey through time occasionally calls on the senses of smell and hearing during the visit. Please note: this visit is not accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Accessible circuits

To complete your stay ideas

Around Albi, many accessible services

Around Albi, there is no shortage of ideas for visits for everyone.
Get inspired! find a lot of information on Tarn Tourisme or on accessible walks and hikes or more specifically on the Parc du Haut Languedoc sector.

Your opinion is important to us

Albi Tourism
Alexandra LAZANAS, Albi Tourisme destination expert

Alexandra LAZANAS, destination expert and Tourism and Handicap referent in the Albi area
is sensitive to the reception of people with disabilities and committed to a quality approach to ensure an accessible and successful stay in Albi.

Tel: +05 63 36 36 00 XNUMX
Mail: [email protected]

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