If chocolate is an art, tasting it is an undeniable pleasure. Albi has some great chocolatiers among its local talents. Michel Belin, Yves Thuriès, Julien Gayraud delight both the gourmet palate and the eyes. Easter is an excellent excuse to taste the chocolates created in the Albigensian workshops.


Yves THURIES conquers the world of Easter Games

Famous Easter egg toss, the first rabbit to support the Easter games, a festive and sporting atmosphere around the stadium... the Yves Thuriès chocolatiers pay a nod to the Olympic Games.

Yves Thuries chocolate factory


At Julien Gayraud, let yourself be transported to distant galaxies

Iconic creations: the Astronaut and Groot wearing a large egg on his head.
The Astronaut, symbol of courage and discovery, invites you to embark on an interstellar journey through exquisite flavors. While the amazing and endearing Groot evokes the playful spirit of Easter, with a large egg on his head, ready to reveal chocolatey surprises inside.

Chocolaterie Gayraud


Michel BELIN and the Kokeshi dolls, limited edition

The originality this year is a nod to the Land of the Rising Sun. The originality this year is a nod to the Land of the Rising Sun. The Kokeshi, a limited edition, embody the excellence and creativity of the chocolate factory. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, these delicately crafted delights celebrate the fusion of exquisite flavors and elegant design.

Chocolate maker, Michel Belin

Without forgetting

A gourmet nod to Jeff de Bruges chocolates

Spoil your loved ones for Easter with delicious chocolates and personalize your gourmet gift!
Our little praline treats, ready to be devoured for Easter!

The good tip of Comptoir de Mathilde

At Mathilde’s counter, the magic of Easter happens! Funny, colorful and cute animals. This Easter, surprise your guests with our delicious Rabbit-shaped Layer Cake recipe! Iimpress your loved ones and please those with a sweet tooth with this original dessert.

Something to delight the taste buds of young and old. ?

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