Albi City Pass

Visit Albi at your own pace and with special rates! Treat yourself to the Albi City Pass and benefit from all the great deals.
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For those who love a good offer, Albi City Pass is perfect for you! Discover, visit, move, savour, enjoy VIP access! 3 passes in one: Albi Visit Pass, Albi Shopping Pass, Albi Restaurant Pass. Visit Albi at your own rhythm, with no time limits... enjoy!

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Only 14€ for a huge number of advantages! Get into the habit of showing it when visiting, shopping and eating lunch in a restaurant and benefit from its money-saving offers.

  • More than 30 reduced entrance fees for museums, visits and leisure activities.
  • Ideas for reduced rate visits around Albi and its surrondings.
  • Albi City Pass is also a shopping and restaurant pass. Spot the logo on the shop/restaurant door or in the Discovery Guide from the Albi Tourist Office.

You weren’t able to see everything in one visit? Why not come back? Your Albi City Pass is valid until 31st December!


When visiting Albi, you simply should not miss its two major sites: the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum.

Albi City Pass includes a prepaid entrance to these 2 major sites:

  • A fastrack entrance ticket for the Great Choir for the visit in the Cathedral - audio guide included.
  • A fastrack entrance ticket to the permanent collections and temporary exhibition in the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum.

Book your tourist pass online...

You're already in Albi or still planning your trip... 2 ways to get your passe... 

1/ Receive your card, in advance, via email and download it onto your mobile phone. (This saves your time as it acts as your actual card).
2/ Collect a physical card (A 1€ deposit will be requested upon purchase and re-imbursed when returned) and come and meet us at the Tourist Office (42 rue Mariès)!

  • Avec Albi city pass, entrer dans la cathédrale est une étape de choix - billet combiné choeur+trésor inclus dans le pass
  • Cathédrale Sainte Cécile Albi
  • Avec Albi city pass, imposible de quitter Albi sans avoir visiter le célèbre musée Toulouse-Lautrec - billet coupe file déjà inclus dans le Albi City Pass
  • Musée Toulouse-Lautrec Albi - salle des affiches
  • Avec Albi city pass, accéder au musée Lapérouse - bel hommage au navigateur
  • Avec Albi city pass, opter pour une balade en petit train touristique
  • Avec Albi city pass, aux beaux jours se laisser surprendre par une croisière sur le Tarn - de juin à octobre