A great discovery on Instagram, thanks to #albitourism, of a magnificent drawing of Place Saint-Salvi by Natalia Loubet-Shilovskikh, artist and passionate about drawings.

We met Natalia Loubet-Shilovskikh to tell us more about her passion.
It's in the gardens of the Palais de la Berbie, that we sat down to discuss and appreciate his talent as a watercolourist. (view above)

Natalia is a photographer in Orleans. A graduate of a school of architecture and fine arts in Ekaterinburg, Russia, she participated during her studies in the creation of posters for theaters. She will combine this art with that of photography, which she fell in love with… In 2012, she will settle down in France to join her husband.

Between paintings, sculptures, drawings, sketches learned during her studies, Natalia exercises her pencil stroke everywhere by crisscrossing France by train, on a bench, on a café terrace... But also in Albi, by close contact with the roots of Toulouse Lautrec.

For me, it is very important to draw from real places, on the spot rather than from a photo.

Explain to me how you feel when you draw?

The time I spend in a place allows me to better understand it and feel the elements around me (birdsong, the noise of passers-by…) it's extraordinary!

Natalia comes regularly to Albi to visit her family, you can discover her works on FacebookInstagram and Internet

Before leaving, what is your favorite place in Albi?

Without hesitation, Place Savene in Castelviel, I believe that all the inhabitants know me because I spend an incredible time there!

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