If you doBRICKDo you also have your memories of Albi? Albi a destination where we like to (re) come. 1 hour from Toulouse, Albi is a haven of architectural riches, museums, picturesque streets.

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Albi, faBRICK of emotion

City UNIQUE by the power of its monumental brick ensemble recognized and listed by UNESCO (2010) as a World Heritage Site, Albi and its episcopal city do not leave indifferent. Whether you are a visitor or an Albigensian, the emotion is strong and always Intact, even if it is no longer the first visit. The red brick ship of the Sainte-Cécile cathedral, placed on the banks of the Tarn is an inseparable and familiar image of the identity of our city. A heritage nugget, Albi allows you to naturally connect to History, to feel its vibrations. A little further, at the gates of the city, the Tarn Valley calls for well-being, rejuvenation and the discovery of nature. In the continuity of the Gorges du Tarn and the Raspes, the Tarn Valley offers a natural parenthesis from Millau to Albi.

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Albi, faBRICK memories

In its brick setting, Albi diffuses a singular and warm atmosphere. To those who know how to stop for a while, it reveals its architectural treasures, its true art of living and its legendary sense of South-West hospitality. The nature overflows here into the city and suggests breaks in a privileged environment. Remarkable gardens and spaces with trees and flowers, hiking routes, developed banks punctuate and embellish the heart of the city. Memories of guided tours with crisp anecdotes, the diffuse smells of good market products, breathtaking views, During a Pastel Night or even a place(s) for summer artists, during the carnival happy moments of sharing between generations or vibrations of happiness during the strong moments of Guitar Break. Albi will make your heart beat and you will remember it!

Albi has the certain charm of destinations that we do not forget

Albi faBRICK positive energy

Albi, faBRICK of know-how

This strong local identity is the breeding ground for recognized talents and know-how.
Talents of artists … Toulouse-Lautrec and with the largest public collection in the world of the Albigensian painter; Corinne Chauvet, Denis Miau, cObo, ManuCollages  recognized Albigensian artists, exhibitions by local artists, the Haute-Couture collections displayed at fashion museum...
Ancestral know-how... Albi pottery, Gaillac wines, weaving, cake, chocolates and local products, ... so many local specialties that mark the destination.

Albi MAKES experiences… obviously!

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