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The Gaillac vineyard

The Gaillac vineyard is established at the limits of the Haute-Garonne and the Tarn. It extends to the borders of the Albigeois and displays no less than 400 wine properties and private cellars. Installed on the bank of a loop of the Tarn, Gaillac owes its fame to its millennial wine production as well as to a riverside location on the banks of the Tarn conducive to the trade and transport of wine by barge. Next to the Abbey of Saint Michel de Gaillac, the House of Wines can be visited and presents the Gaillacois vineyard with 7 grape varieties.

Recognized as a controlled designation of origin since 1938, the Gaillac vineyard is a bastion of ancient grape varieties. If everywhere the winegrowers of our time like to find the old local grape varieties which have sometimes been left aside, forgotten or lost, our vineyard is one of those which has never broken with its history. To put it clearly, our grape varieties make our identity.

Mauzac, far from the eye and Ondenc for the whites, Braucol (Fer Servadou), Duras and Prunelart for the reds.

The winegrowers who shape the wines of Gaillac have the necessary material. Indeed, the palette of our wines is bursting with profiles and tastes, including white, red and rosé wines of great freshness, still and sparkling wines, dry and sweet wines, all united by the same base of grape varieties.

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