After a visit to the Albigensian heritage, why not extend the visit around Albi and discover an animal park? The eyes sparkling with curiosity, the children will be won over! Meeting animals, diving into the world of insects is a privileged and educational moment to share: animal park of Pradinas or Exoticamis, Micropolis, Abeilles en famille….

Animal parks around Albi

Les abeilles en famille

Farm. Opens tomorrow at 10:00 p.m.

La Compagnie du Carrelet

Atelier “Les abeilles en famille”

Zoo Exoticamis

The animal park of Pradinas; about 1 hour from Albi

Pradinas Park

Look for the star in the park

A track ? a bear !

This animal, natural and family park, located west of Aveyron (about 1 hour from Albi) is home to some movie stars.
On the 15 hectares of woods and hills, around 200 animals (bears, wolves, deer, lynx, etc.) live their lives quietly, punctuated by activities offered by keepers who are often full of humour. A good surprise to savor with the family from April to the end of October.
• During a hilly one-hour walk, you will find educational panels aimed at informing you about the animals and getting to know them better: bears, wolves, lynx, birds of prey, monkeys.
• A cultural and fun trail illustrating agricultural practices retraces the history of Ségala, don't miss the Museum of Agricultural Traditions.
• A Falconry show: in July and August
• And even falconry initiation courses

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