1/You will be amazed!

Aero Motion for Albi Tourism

Wherever we come from, the Sainte-Cécile cathedral imposes the look of a "fortified castle" and offers whoever pushes its door a striking vision of Renaissance murals, sculptures and statuary. An emblematic monument of our destination, its visit will not leave you indifferent.
All around the majestic discovery is organized at the bend of a medieval street, a listed garden, a sunny terrace, a tasting at the covered market.

2/ Here, color is atmosphere, take out your cameras!

La Episcopal city of Albi is an urban brick complex unique in the world, its power has been recognized by UNESCO, which has listed it as a World Heritage Site. Brick is its architectural signature. It creates this very special atmosphere and signs its singularity thanks to its palette of colors that vary according to the light, a variation of red, pink, ochre.
Albi reveals its architectural treasures, these are art of living well cultivated by the Albigenses. A heritage nugget, Albi has this power of seduction and connection to history. The charm works!

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3/A prestigious setting for a unique collection: we tell you more

Albi Nature

Le Berbie Palace is one of the oldest episcopal palaces in France dating from the Middle Ages. It now contains the largest public collection in the world devoted to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a major painter of the late XNUMXth century, a native of Albi.
Le Toulouse-Lautrec museum is labeled Museum of France.
Visiting the museum is a bit like meeting this Albigensian of whom the city is so proud. And to visit the rooms of the museums is also to visit the episcopal palace.

4/ Nature comes to town

The nature discovery is inseparable from the heritage visit: remarkable gardens, banks suitable for hiking and relaxation, green lungs, 17 fountains decorate the city.
Recommended nature spots : palace gardens, Saint-Salvi cloister,'Green escape
Good to know :
18 hiking routes are laid out around Albi, 140 km of marked trails through the countryside, the green plains, vineyards...

Albi Tourism

5/ Wake up your taste buds

Albi cannot be visited, it is lived ! share a momentt friendly around stalls of a unique market in a classified site: cheeses, poultry, local pastries, local producers...
Also find many tables and restaurant terraces where it is good to make a gourmet stopover.

6/ Drop anchor in the Tarn Valley

At the gates of Albi, extend the visit to the Tarn Valley in the direction of Ambialet or even Trébas, will immerse you in the heart of a wilder landscape conducive to outdoor activities. (fishing, hiking, bicycles, canoeing, paddleboarding, etc.) Canoeing is the flagship activity of the Tarn Valley, perfect for enjoying the bucolic landscapes and discovering a preserved natural area, located a few kilometers from the Episcopal city of Albi in towards Millau and the famous Tarn Gorges. The little extra Plan the picnic

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7/ Albi, a city of art

Natalia Loubet-Shilovskikh
Albi Place Saint-Salvi by Natalia Loubet-Shilovskikh

In the heart of the city, the shops et Art Galeries welcome you, also on Sundays, and invite you to stroll along beautiful, colorful and attractive windows... Find all the local players

8/ Good Monday deals in Albi

Passing through Albi on a Monday, here are some sightseeing spots to share:
Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, heritage discovery tours, Saint-Salvi cloister and Berbie Palace Gardens. Saut du Tarn museum, guided tour of the Episcopal City at 14 p.m.

9/ Want freshness in Albi?

10/ Enjoy sport and culture

Albi a city on the move - Urban festival (end of August)
  • The carnival of Albi, 2d of its kind in the South of France, the floats are made... in the Albigensian workshops, the school of carnival women of Albi is a reference in the world of Carnival
  • The Circuit d'Albi: motorsport is part of the Albigensian DNA
  • The Pause Guitare festival, a judicious mix of free discovery stages and large stages with headliners: one of the biggest festivals in the South-West
  • The Pastel Night or places for artists…
  • Urban festival

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