Are you looking for good plans for the start of the school year to (re) come and see us in Albi? Between festivals, heritage days, sporting events, guided tours, head for “Destination Albi”!

Albi en visite guidée pour mieux découvrir le patrimoine
Albi Tourism


Curio'cities and guided tours

A great back-to-school program!

The guided tours continue!

OT Occitan Tuscany


Fascinant Week-end Vignobles & Découvertes – Vignoble de Gaillac

The Fascinant Weekend is the flagship wine tourism event of autumn across France! Book your weekend, we make it fascinating…

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Les bons plans de la rentrée à Albi avec Cécile et Henri
Albi Tourism


Back-to-school tips from Cécile and Henri

Are you looking for back-to-school tips to (re)come and see us in Albi? Between festivals, heritage days, sporting events, guided tours, head for “Destination Albi”!

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Albi - Festival Bol d'Airs : le festival de la rentrée albigeoise
Arpeggios and Tremolos


A bowl of air, music festival

organized by Arpèges&Trémolos, it is the back-to-school festival! It takes place in Puygouzon, barely 10 minutes from Albi, from October 6 to 8: stages, aperitif concerts, convivial meals, entertainment.

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7e Grand Prix Camions d’Albi

This year again Circuit d'Albi will host from October 13 to 15 the final of the French Truck Championship for the 7th edition of the “Albi Truck Grand Prix”.

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Canne attribuée à Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Vers 1899 Albi, Musée Toulouse-Lautrec Don de M. Curnonsky
photo S. Pioch, Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, Albi


the mTL recounts 200 years of its history

What a story ! 200 years of collections at the Albi museum.
Beautiful discoveries, treasures taken out of the reserves for the occasion...

temporary exhibition from October 21


C&H ☀️! We're taking you on a ride with us 🚶🏻🚶🏼 ♀️! Don't forget your sunglasses 😎 and your 📸 to capture Albi from every angle! Don't forget to share with us your most shots with albitourism 🫶🏻 #tourism #occitanietourism #instagood #unesco #occitanie #southoffrance #holidays #sun #goodvibes

♬ original sound – Destination Albi – Destination Albi

C&H A day at #albi as we like it… under the watchful eye of Wes Anderson! ☀️ ♥️ . You also live your stay at the Wes Anderson with our weekend boxes 😎. So to your cameras 🎥 we can't wait to see your short films 🎬 . 👉🏻 Cécile and Henri's trips are available on our website The Cécile and Henri team! 👋🏻 📸 @albitourism . #albi #albitourism #cecileethenrialbi #cethalbi #wesandersonstyle #wesandersonrend #tourism #southoffrance #occitanie #unesco #tourism #South West #vacation #summervibes #tourismoccitanie #South West #south of France

♬ original sound – Destination Albi

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