The CASTEL’ART association was born from the communion of four artists, André LHERMET, Chris SEGURA, Chantal LANDRIER and Isabelle BOISSON, with different backgrounds and techniques. Artists from all walks of life exhibit at 10 rue du Castelviel. To discover
The place steeped in history is an art gallery. The modernity of the lighting will now rub shoulders with the typicity of the rooms decorated with red briquettes and exposed beams, in the tradition of historic Albigensian buildings.
From March 2019, many artists will follow one another in this place each month, throughout the year, and will introduce you to their artistic universe.


10 rue du Castelvieil
81000 Albi 43° 55' 42.6252" N, 2° 8' 28.3452" E


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