If you want to visit Albi and its surroundings in an original and friendly way, the Tacot Cathare is for you! Set off in a 2CV with our tour guide to discover our territory and its history for an unforgettable experience!

Marc Fanals

Go on a visit with the Cathar Tacot not only allows you to discover the rich Albigensian heritage, but it also gives you the opportunity to travel back in time aboard this very charming car, the 2CV.

Guide lecturer in love with my region and also with vintage!

Marc Fanals

Lulled by the sound of Griotte's engine, our beautiful 2CV from 1985, and the comments of Marc, your guide and driver, you will sneak into the heart of Albi to admire the episcopal city from a different perspective. The visits are at your own pace, the private nature of the experience allows you to take your time and stop as you wish.

The Cathedral, the Old Bridge, the master pastel makers, the Cathars, the different districts of the city, everything will be explained to you during a getaway off the beaten track. Let yourself be tempted by this friendly experience.

Tacot cathare Albi - original guided tour

“Griotte”: a vintage and original asset for unique guided tours!

Unique walks in the region!

Marc Fanals
Albi and its region: Guided tours, unusual, in tacot

These intimate outings, with the hood up, will allow you to see these sites from a new perspective. This is an opportunity for you to discover the Tarn, but not like everyone else. The departures of the visits can be done by appointment from Albi or from your place of vacation.
Marc and Griotte (the name of our 2CV) will take you on a ride where you take the time to appreciate the present moment.

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