In Albi, recognized for its rich heritage, we also have a very beautiful natural heritage! From squares to squares, from parks to gardens, from fountains to the Tarn river, nature, sports or simply refreshing and relaxing stages punctuate the visit to the Episcopal city.

Fly over the banks of the Tarn, gain height above the Berbie Palace and zoom in on the palace gardens

Virtual walk on the banks or from the barge on the Tarn

Know the local species

The Plante et Cité association and the Biodiversity Agency operate an evaluation according to a grid of criteria and a ranking of 1 to 5 dragonflies symbolizing the quality and extent of their commitment to preservation and appreciation of nature. To deepen your knowledge of the species living on our territory, we recommend editions with read and line and possibility of downloading created by the City of Albi for better awareness and knowledge of the environment.

Albi ville fleurie, classement aux 4 fleurs : Albi une ville Nature
City of Albi

Do you know ?

Albi, city of reference for biodiversity
Find out more

The city of Albi distinguishes itself through numerous labels, real rewards for Albi and the staff of the community.

Observe the falcons of the cathedral!

The peregrine falcons of Sainte Cécile Cathedral in Albi
City of Albi

Observe falcons and falcons thanks to 24-hour live HD streaming on the “Albi dans ma poche” application (by adding the “Faucons – Webcam” brick)

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Ofalcon viewing organized by the City

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