The Rochegude park is a 4 hectare lung of greenery in the city center of Albi, created at the end of the XNUMXth century. Place of walk, relaxation and freshness in summer appreciated by Albigensians and visitors. It offers you many walking paths.

A Remarkable Garden classification

Le Rochegude Park is a 15-minute walk from Place Sainte-Cécile. To reach it, you will take one of the urban perspectives which leads from historic centere and la Cathedral to the new Cordeliers urban complex, redesigned by architect Dominique Perrault. As the garden of the Palais de la Berbie, it is labeled Remarkable Garden. The park bears the name of Admiral Paschal de Rochegude, keen on botany. It appeals to adults and children alike. French garden, English garden, scented garden, bird island make up this labyrinth of greenery. Of the small themed gardens are also to be discovered: the demonstration garden, the shadow garden or the rose garden. Romantic statues are placed in the massifs. Small panels dotted around the park present the species.

With the family in the park

Play hide and seek, slide down the slides, observe birds or fish… or quite simply taking the time to enjoy this break in the open air on one of the many benches or on the grass are as many pleasures as you will share at Parc Rochegude.

Albi Tourism

observe nature

230 trees of 85 varieties different make the exception of this park.
Confined spaces, including bird island, shelter the resident animals: ducks, geese….

Ready for an audio guided tour?

Few people know of the history and biodiversity potential of this park. There proposed wandering will make you discover Albi differently, its historical heritage but also its natural heritage. The circuit was made in close collaboration with the city's plant heritage and environment department. Duration approximately 1h30.

Temporary exhibition

Lhotel Rochegude, former private mansion that belonged to Admiral de Rochegude, hosts temporary cultural exhibitions, especially in the room of the old library. It is accessed from the park or from the street directly

Admiral de Rochegude, an Albigensian with an extraordinary destiny

Albi Tourism
Rochegude Albi Park

Henri Paschal de Rochegude was born in Albi on December 18, 1741, the same year as Jean François Galaup de Lapérouse. Trained at the Marine School in Rochefort, his numerous expeditions took him off the coast of Canada, to the battlefields of the Atlantic and the English Channel against the English, to the Indian Ocean, to the Kerguelen Islands.

At the end of his career, Rochegude retired to the Tarn and bought a mansion in Albi: the Rochegude hotel, which today hosts temporary exhibitions et the Occitan center. A man of culture, passionate about books and plants, Admiral de Rochegude was a great lover of Occitan literature, and was to be one of the first specialists in troubadours. Died in 1834, at the age of 93, he is buried in the cemetery of Albi hospital.


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