A stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of the shopping and pedestrian streets, is the garden of the Saint-Salvi cloister: a treasure of greenery and tranquility. The Saint-Salvi collegiate church is the oldest church in Albi. The gachole, a monastic tower, sits proudly above the rooftops of Vieil Alby, echoing the cathedral.

The cloister garden: simple garden

Le cloister of the Saint-Salvi collegiate church is accessible from several places: from rue Sainte-Cécile, by crossing the collegiate church or by the cutlery from place Saint-Salvi. In a few steps, the effervescence of the Episcopal city gives way to a small haven of peace. From the street, the place seems to be kept secret.
The monks maintained in the cloister a herb garden, that is to say medicinal or aromatic plants. This is how it offers itself to you, visitors, even today. He is part of 5 edible gardens provided by the City. Information panels present each plant and the period when you can pick it to eat it.

Moment of relaxation in the Saint Salvi cloister in ALbi

Galleries, sculpted capitals

Cloister Saint Salvi Albi
Albi Tourism

Under the south gallery, the brick walls are interesting to observe, they still show the imprints left by the craftsmen who shaped and dried the bricks. THE Romanesque arches consist of twin columns capped by Romanesque and Gothic capitals, carved with foliage and biblical characters. The residences of the canons located in the surrounding buildings gave way to apartments.

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