The historic center of Albi is a concentrate of jewels. It unfolds around the episcopal complex formed by the cathedral and the Palais de la Berbie. The brick signs the identity and unity of the old centre. To discover Albi is to adopt for a few hours, a day, a stay a serene rhythm of visit in a privileged environment.

The Castelviel district is the cradle of the city, its squares surrounded by medieval houses make it a real postcard

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Towards Castelviel

Towards Castelviel

The historic cradle of the city is in this district which faces the mighty bell tower of the Sainte-Cécile cathedral. It is an old fortified town, owned by the Montfort family in the Middle Ages. A line on the ground makes it possible to identify the location of the fortified enclosure. In this district, strolling towards the Bondidou one can still see vestiges of the ramparts.

In the axis of the imposing bell tower, is the rue du Castelvieil. You can feel the full power of this 72 meter high tower. In this street, we recommend a stop at the Castel'Art Art Gallery

Rue du Castelviel, link to Place du Château

Rue du Castelviel, link to Place du Château

Place Savene

The detour is essential by the Place Savene and its appearance of a small village in the city. THE half-timbered houses, colorful and flowery are organized in a circle all around the square, the roofs are dominated by the imposing cathedral in the background. Place Savene and Place Saint-Loup are the scene of open-air performances offered in July and August during the free festival, Place(s) for artists.

Castle Square

From the Place du Château, you can see the promontory on which the Sainte-Cécile cathedral is located. Here you will find the ideal photo spot, strike a pose in front of the XXL letters: ALBI.
You will be attracted by:

  • The mural
  • the photo spot, not to be missed
  • The water mirror
  • The panorama over the bed of the Tarn and the Pratgraussals base, just on the opposite shore

Beyond the bridge

It is by taking the Pont de la République that you can reach the Halle du Castelvieil in a few minutes. Every Saturday, it hosts a flea market, a veritable Albigensian institution where people come to hunt around, look for rare pieces, exchange.

Towards the Halle du Castelvieil

old fortifications

Old fortified town, you can still see remnants of ramparts. From Place du Château, take Rue du Théron which leads to the Bondidou car park, a former ravine.

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