or the area around the Covered Market. The Saint-Julien district is a few steps from the cathedral square. It could be defined as a gourmet and friendly neighborhood where it is good to meet friends, eat in a restaurant, have a drink, shop.

In this district is the oldest house in Albi, the 12th century Romanesque house, between the streets of Foissants and Saint-Julien to the north, saved from the demolitionists' pickaxe in 1902. This entire old district was razed to the ground for the construction of the covered market.


Covered market

Covered market

Starting from the cathedral square where the Tourist Office is also located, it is by rue Saint-Julien that you reach the hall of the Covered Market. Raise your head to observe beautiful half-timbered facades, appreciate the architecture of the Market Hall following the style of the Pavillon Baltard.

A triangular hall designed by André Michelin

The plan adopted is a triangular hall of the “Baltard pavilion” type associating the metal uprights with brick walls and shutters intended to be mounted like a gigantic construction game. Place of exchanges and animations par excellence, the covered market offers a rare harmony of forms perfectly adapted to its function.
a little history : In 1901, the municipal council of Albi approved the launch of a competition for the construction of a covered market. In 1902, the agreement is given to the project of Thierry Bourdois, architect in Poissy, assisted by a designer of metal frames who will become world famous: Andrew Michelin.

Gastronomy, local products are part of theAlbigensian way of life. Greengrocers, canneries, cheese makers, bakers, delicatessen, roasters, caterers… welcome you every day under the hall, Tuesday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 14 p.m. Underground parking (paying) is provided under the market

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