The Grand Théâtre des Cordeliers is the symbol of the cultural district of Albi. This contemporary construction signed by the architect Perrault is located in the extension of the historic center where the cathedral, the Toulouse-Lautrec museum and the old center are located. Cinema, stages of shows, media library are in this district.


Statue Laperouse

Statue Laperouse

Jean François Galaup de Lapérouse is a famous Albigensian. He was born in 1741 at the Manor of Gô, today bed and breakfast of character. As a young captain, he left for a great expedition with two frigates, the Compass and the Frigate, at the request of Louis XVI. A museum is dedicated to him in Albi, to discover!

In summer, on Tuesdays, a gourmet market invades the alleys opposite the statue.
During the Pastel Night, cultural events take place.

Circle Fountain

Francois Guibilato

Place Lapérouse invites you to take a break from the green spaces but also to the game between the water jets of the “Encircle” fountain made by Danish artist Jeppe Huh.
Under the Albigensian sun, children's laughter escapes from the fountain

The Cordeliers

The Grand Théâtre des Cordeliers is designed by the internationally renowned French architect and urban planner Dominique Perrault. The building is covered with a golden copper colored mesh, in aluminum which evokes the stage curtain. The glazed facades capture shine, reflections, colors and make them a real "suit of light". The National Stage of Albi has built a multidisciplinary program illustrating all the capacities of this new theatre: theatrical or choreographic forms of the "grand plateau", operas, large ballets. Two rooms (900 and 250 seats) are dedicated to a rich cultural program and numerous congresses and seminars.


National Stage

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Michael Belin

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Rochegude Park

Albi the Rochegude park, wooded massif and romantic sculpture

The Rochegude park is a cool stopover, stroll, discovery of flora and fauna!

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