Let's share together the must-sees of the Albi destination, a destination that awakens the senses and enriches the spirit. The Brick City is an inspiring, unique city. Explore this UNESCO World Heritage treasure and let yourself be seduced by the magic of Albi. This city with its authentic charm is an invitation to a journey through time, with its emblematic monuments, its picturesque streets and its warm atmosphere. So many arguments motivate the trip to Albi!

Wind Autan

Discover Albi on a virtual tour, in 360°

Fly over the city, enter the Sainte-Cécile cathedral, board a barge...

Top 10 “good visit tips”

Albi cathedral, celestial vault
Albi Tourism


Sainte-Cécile Cathedral

Sainte-Cécile d'Albi: exceptional ornamentation in a monumental brick nave. The visit is essential and the memory remains!

Discover Sainte-Cécile Cathedral

Visiting the Toulouse-Lautrec museum, poster gallery
Albi Tourism


The Toulouse-Lautrec Museum

  • A prestigious setting:the Berbie Palace.
  • More than 1000 works by the Albigensian painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • A gallery presenting the contemporaries of Lautrec

Visit the Toulouse-Lautrec museum

Albi city pass, the tourist pass of the destination
Albi Tourism


Good plan with Albi City pass

  • 2 entrances included for the discovery of the cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec museum
  • a wide range of discounts to optimize the visit

Albi Tourism Pass

Albi, viewpoint overlooking the Palace gardens and the Tarn river
Albi Tourism


A rich natural heritage

Albi has a beautiful historical and plant heritage which allows it to maintain its 4 flowers label For more than 20 years. Parks, gardens, landscaped banks, nature invites itself into the city!

Albi is revealed by nature

Visit Albi, with a guide, alone
Albi Tourism


Follow the guide!

Visit Albi, awaken its Curio'cité, decode the local history and architecture...  Albi guided tours classic or theatrical, thematic or in adventure mode, with the family… All audiences find a bit of curiosity in the program!

Book your guided tour!

Albi - On the Echappée Verte, 4km urban heritage and nature walk
Albi Tourism


Are you walking or hiking?

Everyone has their own pace to discover nature and the Albigensian landscapes. Select your circuits! Around Albi, on the green escape, on the GR736, on foot or by bike… find our selection.

Walks and hikes

Albi The Lapérouse museum, Albigensian nugget, a reference museum to know the adventures and missions of this ship captain
City of Albi – Lapérouse Museum


JF Galaup de Lapérouse

This famous Albigensian has his museum in Albi. The Lapérouse museum tackles a major page in the history of navigation. Armelle and her team will make you want to know more. family wink, un log book to discover while having fun

The Lapérouse adventure

Strolling through the historic center of ALbi - from Castelvieil - Place Savène
Albi Tourism


The charm of Place Savene

Not far from the bell tower of the cathedral, a square that looks like a village square... We like to take the detour!

Le Castelviel district is the cradle of the city.
Point of view, relaxation: the square and its water mirror, the “Albi” spot

The Castelviel district

Markets in Albi - covered market traders
Albi Tourism


Gluttony, friendliness, quality….

Cure of gluttony

Discover Albi, a destination accessible to all
Albi Tourism-City Albi


A heritage accessible to all

Albi, an accessible destination

Albi Tourism

The Pont-vieux d'Albi is displayed in augmented reality!

A Timescope terminal is installed on the belvedere of Pont-vieux, rue Porta and invites you to a unique experience allowing you to follow theevolution of the bridge through history

Albi Tourism – Prunch Albi

Cécile and Henri’s good stay tips

Cécile and Henri take you on their Albigensian trips. On the occasion of a detour, on the holiday route, for the duration of a stay, be convinced that Albi has a lot to share and will conquer your heart!

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