Head to the Pont-Vieux belvedere, on the right bank of the Tarn to take in one of the most beautiful panoramas over the Episcopal city and at 1er plan, the Pont-vieux, a major element of Albigensian heritage.

The old bridge in augmented reality with Timescope

City of ALBI

A Timescope virtual reality kiosk has been established there since March on the belvedere of the Pont Vieux, rue Porta. This device is an access point to a brand new experience to live in Albi, that of immersion in history, in a 3D reconstruction of the evolution of the old bridge.
The augmented reality tour takes you on a 5 minute journey through the history of the monument.

A system set up by the City of Albi

3 key periods in history

The Old Bridge of Albi in augmented reality with Timescope - Here Albi in 850
City of Albi


Crossing the Tarn in the year 580

Le heart of the city d'Albi is located in the current district of Castelvieil, between the Tarn and the Bondidou stream. It is an oppidum, a small fortified city, surrounded by walls, probably made of wood and earth. From Antiquity to the Middle Ages, crossing the river is done by wading or by boat.

The Old Bridge of Albi in augmented reality with Timescope - Ici Albi en1282
City of Albi


In the Middle Ages, in 1282

1282: start of construction of the Cathedral.
A stone bridge spans the Tarn. Built for the first time in 1040, it is regularly weakened by the rising waters. It was probably rebuilt between 1220 and 1250.

The Old Bridge of Albi in augmented reality with Timescope - Here Albi in 1629
City of Albi


At the time of Louis XIII in 1629

When Cardinal Richelieu passes through Albi, the bridge is inhabited!
In 1766, a major flood jeopardized the balance of the dwellings. They will be demolished just before the French Revolution. In 1820, the bridge was adorned with brick and widened. A 2d bridge, the new bridge was inaugurated in 1867. the medieval bridge became the Old Bridge.

An exhibition, a story in comics

In addition to the terminal, a permanent exhibition made up of 9 informative and educational boards complete the discovery. A comic strip tells the story of the bridge from its origins to the restoration work undertaken today. Ihe scenario designed by the City of Albi and Jean louis biget is brought to the illustration by the Lot designer Manu Cassier.

An immersion in history, excerpt

Reach the Pont-Vieux belvedere

On foot from the left bank, reach the new bridge, cross and reach the rue porta on the left. Go down the street to reach the corbelled square on the Tarn river.
You don't have time to cross the river, don't leave without reaching Quai Choiseul (Berbie Palace) the permanent exhibition and its comic strip are reproduced.

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