The Echappée Verte, urban hiking trail

The starting point of the pedestrian Echappée verte circuit is just a stone’s throw from the Episcopal City. After a heritage tour of the city, what could be more pleasant than to immerse yourself in nature in the heart of the city ?


The path for the Echappée Verte urban hiking trail follows the GR36, and covers 4 kilometers in a protected and maintained environment. Part of it is along the banks of the river Tarn, at the foot of the Berbie Palace and the Pont Vieux. This section is a place for relaxing or sport, but also the departure point for mini-cruises in scows, or canoeing. With your family, you can spend time walking in nature and picnicking, which is a calm moment away from the city. If you like jogging, the Echappée verte is also a perfect spot for your morning run. 



The Echappée verte has three signposted sections, in three different natural environments: the riverbank path, the wild path and the Mouline path.  You can choose whether to do all or just part of the sections. Here is some practical information:

  • the Riverbank Path : departs from the Cathedral parking and leads to the mouth of the Caussels brook, accessible in any season. At the foot of the Cathedral and the Berbie Palace, it allows you to understand the city’s location in relation to the river. Every summer, near the scow pontoon, an ephemeral garden gives a distinctive tone to the Echappée Verte..
  • the Wild Path : Between the Pont-Neuf and the Avenue du Loirat, the wild path is only accessible on foot for more experienced walkers (steps, fording, rocky areas) and is only feasible during the summer season. The wearing of closed shoes is recommended.
  • the Mouline Path : from the Avenue de Loirat to the Planques car park, the Mouline path runs along the crest of the Caussels slope, along a vast plain. Frogs and no fewer than 14 species of dragonflies are visible in the Mouline pond or in the Caussels stream spawning grounds. From June to September, fruit trees, established for more than ten years, give walkers the opportunity to pick local fruit varieties.  This section is accessible to bikes and is an easy walk. It is particularly suitable for families. After crossing the stream, the walk leads to rue de Jarlard, through woods and copses. A lovely ambiance guaranteed.