In the episcopal city of Albi, each district tells a story, each brick whispers secrets and nature blends harmoniously with heritage. Today, I'm taking you to discover Albi, one of the pearls of Occitania. It's up to you to choose the visit that suits you!

In Gabarre on the Tarn: Navigate through History

Embark on a barge at the foot of the ramparts of the Berbie Palace. The pier is a 5-minute walk from Place Sainte Cécile. Sail peacefully on the Tarn, discovering wild nature and the history of river trade. This experience offers you a unique perspective on the city and its powerful Episcopal City. Slide under the bridges, go through the lock, enjoy the sweetness of the air. A moment of relaxation and escape, ideal for lovers of nature and tranquility.

In a 2CV: Embark on a retro adventure

Relive the Roaring Twenties by traveling through the streets of Albi aboard Griotte, the vintage 2CV of Marc's tour guide. This symbol of French culture takes you through narrow streets and bustling squares, while giving you a feeling of freedom and nostalgia. Set off to discover the city's treasures, photo spots, picturesque neighborhoods with commentary included! A retro adventure that will appeal to lovers of charm and authenticity.

By paddle on the Tarn: experience a sporting exploration

Albi Tourism

For those who are a little more adventurous and sporty, there's nothing like a paddle ride on the Tarn. Paddle at your own pace, while enjoying breathtaking views of Albi's emblematic monuments. This ecological and fun mode of discovery allows you to get closer to nature and live a refreshing experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, paddle boarding promises you moments of pleasure and conviviality along the water. Departure is from the Pratgraussals leisure center on the right bank of the Tarn.

Albi by tourist train: the choice of a fun exploration

Board the Albi tourist train at the foot of Sainte Cécile Cathedral. This charming little train promises you a comfortable ride while immersing you in the heart of Albigensian history. From the majestic Sainte-Cécile Cathedral to the unmissable Berbie Palace, each stop is an invitation to discover the city's rich heritage. And for the most curious, surprising anecdotes and fascinating historical facts will be revealed to you throughout the journey.

Albi discovery by tourist train, departure place de la Cathédrale

Family Treasure Hunt

Why not turn your visit into a real treasure hunt? Albi offers courses designed for young and old, combining cultural discovery and treasure hunts. Armed with a book of clues, set off in search of hidden treasures in medieval streets, green parks and historic monuments. This fun and educational activity is perfect for awakening children's curiosity and making their visit to the city unforgettable.

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