Valentine's Day soon? Are you looking for a restaurant idea? The Tourist Office has thought of providing you with a selection of our establishments.


Entrance: Plate of Pata Negra 100% Bellota
Flat: Duo of poultry, guinea fowl and duck breast with brown butter / forest sauce and Guanciale – Accompanied by roasted sweet potato mousseline and glazed vegetables
Dessert: Verrine raspberry cheesecake and pistachio burst OU Speculoos praline cheesecake verrine

€19,90/person – Only by reservation at 05 63 76 43 56


Entrance: Sole rolls with pumpkin mousse and porcini mushroom espuma
Flat: Oriental rack of lamb, spelled
Dessert: Three chocolate cabbage hearts

Suggestions from the chef, in addition to the usual menu, evening service – 05 63 36 73 99


Entrance: Semi-cooked foie gras, blackcurrant veil and brioche shuttle OU eclair with smoked salmon, grilled sucrine and black lemon gel
Flat: Macaronade des Arcades (fresh pasta, foie gras cream, smoked duck breast, parmesan, pan-fried foie gras) OU Arctic char steak, seasonal vegetables, shellfish broth
Dessert: Inaya chocolate heart, raspberry/ginger cream and Espelette pepper chocolate ice cream OU Exotic tartlet, candied pineapple – lime – passion fruit and coconut mousse

Menu 37 €  - 05 63 (54) 89 02


Entrance: La May Milton salad (green spinach, shrimp, smoked salmon, pomelo, avocado, citrus vinaigrette) OU Piquillo cannelloni with goat cheese, fresh mint, dried tomatoes and black olives OU Semi-cooked duck foie gras, pineapple chutney and toast
Flat: Filet mignon in a mushroom crust, butternut mousseline and green vegetables OU Roasted cod fillet, pesto verde, parmesan risotto and arugula OU Duck breast (around 200 Gr) green pepper sauce, polenta fries and young shoots
Dessert: Homemade chocolate cake, passion fruit sorbet OU Norwegian omelette flambéed with Grand-Marnier OU Homemade lemon meringue tart, red fruit coulis

Menu 38 €  - 05 63 (43) 61 58


Cup of champagne
Entrance: Salmon and avocado tartare OU Gourmet homemade foie gras salad
Flat: Cod papillote with leek fondue and crushed potatoes OU Veal chop, parsley potatoes, ratatouille
Dessert: Apple crisp OU Strawberry tiramisu OU Chocolate fondant

Menu 42 €  - 05 81 02 83 67


Entrance: Semi-cooked foie gras, blood orange confit – Gravlax salmon with beetroot, whipped cream with herbs – Label rouge veal tataki, virgin pine nuts/ piquillos/ black olives
Flat: Grilled tuna steak, bok choy and soy/sesame sauce – Slices of Irish prime rib, red wine jus – Mibrasa vegetable casserole / summer truffle aligot
Dessert: Soft chocolate and raspberry – Lychee/rose sorbet, coconut crumble – Belle Hélène pear-style macaroon

Menu 48 €  - +05 (63)36 78 65 XNUMX XNUMX


Entrance: Scallop carpaccio with citrus fruits, kaffir lime zest, seasonal vegetables, wasabi foam and granny apple sorbet
Flat: Veal steak, sweet potato mousseline, glazed parsnip, pear brunoise, sautéed clementine and Tarnasian ratafia jus
Dessert: Maca-Coeur: heart-shaped macaron, white chocolate and ginger mousse, passion fruit heart and fresh fruit brunoise

Menu 49€, evening service  - +05 (63)54 05 23 XNUMX XNUMX


Entrance: Cocotte egg, smoked salmon, spinach, Dutch espuma
Flat: Almost veal, morel cream, potato terrine
Dessert: Pavlova with exotic fruits, mango sorbet

Menu 49€, evening service  - 05 63 (78) 22 83


Assortments of 3 appetizers
Entrance: Prawns flambéed with pastis “Le Crespinol”, Virgin olive oil sauce from Maison Rigaud, And ginger espuma
Flat: Ségala larded veal steak, Gaillac sweet white wine and sage jus, vitelotte gnocchi, glazed carrots and tempura onions
Dessert: Chocolate dome in two textures, Confit and morello cherry jelly, Buckwheat biscuit

3-course menu: €50 – Food and wine pairing suggestion: €10 (2 glasses per person)
+05 (63)47 66 66 XNUMX XNUMX


Entrance: Gravlax salmon and savory tiles to share
Flat: Duck breast, fig sauce with glazed vegetables and mushroom risotto
Dessert: Mango dome, flowing red fruit heart

Menu 50€ for 2 people  - +05 (63)43 20 20 XNUMX XNUMX


Miss Pink Cup and Appetizers
Entrance: Poultry ballotine with smoked salmon and seasonal vegetables, creamy celery with old mustard, chorizo ​​and nigella crumble
Pgosling: Red mullet fillet just seared on its leek/fennel fondue, tangy condiments and crunchy sesame flaky flakes
Meat: Lamb shank glazed with spices, golden polenta with Parmesan, sprinkled with hazelnuts on onion confit, parsley with soy sauce
Cheese Cabécou marinated in truffled olive oil and mesclun (additional €6,50)
Dessert: Indulgent with chocolate, custard and ice cream
Coffee, infusion or tea according to your tastes

Côtes du Rhône white parallel 45 – 2022
Domaine de Labarthe red Cuvée Guillaume – 2019
Menu 52 €  – Aperitif, Starter / Fish ou Meat / Dessert, wine and coffee included
Menu 62 € – Aperitif, Starter / Fish et Meat / Dessert, wine and coffee included
+05 (63)54 16 56 XNUMX XNUMX


Bubble cutting and Chef's Cromesquis
 Scallops on creamy sweet potato with citrus fruits
Flat: Prawns and Lobster, Truffle risotto
Dessert: Shock Inside Heart of Passion

Menu 54 € - 05 63 (78) 84 26


CoGaillac cocktails & Amuse bouches for lovers
Entrance: Bar chaplain & Fresh lemon cheese with herbs
Fish: Cod fillet, chorizo ​​emulsion, crunchy parmesan and risotto
Meat: Duo of red label lamb chops, forest sauce, duchess potatoes & seasonal vegetable puree
Dessert: Creamy heart with red fruits and meringues

Menu 55€, evening service - 05 63 (45) 24 66


Valentine’s Day cocktail and lobster appetizers…
 Whole duck foie gras opera with beets, pickels and crunchy crumble flavored with ginger
Flat: Low temperature veal filets, lightly smoked with hay, melanosporum truffled celery mousseline, reduced juice of small tuber vegetables…
Dessert: A red fruit delight to share with two…

Menu 55 € - +05 (63)54 86 55 XNUMX XNUMX


Entrance: Scallop carpaccio with truffle
Flat: Poached foie gras, clementine flavored broth
Flat: Veal fillet, reduction of veal jus with ginger
Dessert: “The Flavor” yuzu, chocolate, sesame and free rose

Menu 59€ (excluding drinks)  - 05 31 51 10 12


Entrance: Croque-Monsieur with truffle and Vieux Comté – Salmon and bleak roe crisp – Beef fillet carpaccio – Pan-fried Foie Gras and morel juice
Flat: Fricassee of monkfish and scallops / Lobster ravioli / Spinach / Lobster emulsion
Dessert: Our lemon tart / Candied citrus fruits / Yogurt-lemon sorbet

Menu 69€ (excluding drinks)  - +05 (63)53 10 70 XNUMX XNUMX


Appetizer: Semi-cooked southwest foie gras, carrot & maracuja
Entrance: Just seared scallops from our ribs, “Scottish Barley” iodized pear salad & coral sauce
Fish: Just roasted back of sole, sweet potato compression & lobster cream
Meat: Tarn matured beef strips, Agatha with black truffle and strong juice
Pre-dessert: To sip and taste, Blood orange cardamom and Medjool date
Dessert: Soft “extra” runny cake, cocoa center and morello cherries

Menu 90 €  - 05 63 (76) 18 18

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