The Grand Théâtre des Cordeliers


The Grand Théâtre has become an essential stop on the Vieil Alby / Parc Rochegude walk, a very popular place to relax in the city centre.
A location for shows and concerts but also for meetings and seminaries, the Grand Théâtre is worth visiting. It offers a panoramic view of the Albi roofs. A panoramic terrace, partially occupied by a restaurant, offers a breath-taking view of Albi and allows a friendly moment at any time of the day from breakfast to a drink in the evening.

On the big esplanade, you can stroll, while children ride bikes or skates. Benches, green spaces, and fountains invite you to have a pleasant time.

The Cordeliers Théâtre is the new iconic site of a city steeped in history but also resolutely turned towards the future. The iridescent colour is reminiscent of brick, a typical Albi material. It is the architect Dominique Perrault who created this new cultural district which is the link between the university center and the historic center. The Cordelier project is, according to the architect, “the inverted cathedral, the colour on the outside, the brick on the inside.”


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Car park / Restaurant / Meeting room