Offer (yourself) Albi by reserving a box stay in the range “the trips of Cécile and Henri”. Because you love Albi, your next trip goes through Albi, because you want to please your loved ones: there will always be a holiday package that will satisfy you.

Albi Tourism – Prunch Albi
The-vintage-trip-to-Albi-by-Cecile-et-Henri - ideas for weekends and short stays in Albi

Services to be found in the living boxes:

  • Visits to the essentials: in autonomy or with tour guide
  • Fine Dining
  • local color activity
  • Hosting
Albi tourism

A birthday, a celebration, a desire to please, you can offer a “Cécile et Henri” gift card to be used on one of the 4 trips of your choice.

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