A weekend with Elles is a 100% female festival offered by Arpèges and Trémolos, at the beginning of April!

The 100% female festival in Albi and Tarn: a weekend with Elles
Arpeggios and Tremolos


Meet the Arpèges and Trémolos team at the concert entrances or come see them:
2 bis Boulevard Montebello
81000 Albi
+05 63 60 55 90 XNUMX

9 municipalities in Tarn host the complete program

  • La House of Music at Cap' Découverte,
  • Le Grand Theatre in Albi,
  • le Café Plùm in Lautrec,
  • workshops in Castres,
  • le Café Flo to Florentin,
  • le Theater des Lices in Albi,
  • Le Scenith from Albi,
  • la Musician House in Castelnau-de-Lévis,
  • la Salle des Fêtes of Puygouzon
  • and Multicultural Room from Técou.

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