Albi is a unique city by the power of its brick ensemble, listed as World Heritage: The Episcopal City. In its brick setting, it reveals its architectural treasures, its art of living cultivated by the Albigensians, its remarkable natural heritage. Getting lost in the maze of the historic center encourages you to visit and discover the many concept stores and artisan shops. In Albi the color is atmosphere, over the seasons, it is adorned with new colors and live according to sporting or cultural events.

Albi survol et visite en 360
Albi Tourism – Vent d'Autan


Marvel from the viewpoint of the Berbie Palace gardens.

Go around the Berbie Palace, visit the bishops' palace, home to the famous Toulouse-Lautrec museum, discover its brick courtyard and its French gardens, enjoy the view from the ramparts, over the Tarn and the right bank towards the Madeleine district.
All simply magnificent !

Visit Albi in 360

Albi, ville pétillante, destination découverte et vacances
Albi Tourism


The Castelviel district and its small village atmosphere

The squares in this district, the different viewpoints it offers on the Cathedral and the peaceful atmosphere that emanates from it invites us to take the time, to stroll through the typical alleys of this historic district. Place Savene and its air of Italy, especially in spring and summer with the beautiful flowers that bloom on the facades of the houses, the photo spot from the place du château.

From one neighborhood to another

Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile d'Albi - voûte céleste et peintures renaissance
Albi Tourism


Land in the Sainte-Cécile cathedral and gaze endlessly at the sculptures and paintings without ever getting bored

The Sainte-Cécile cathedral is undoubtedly the site that will make you vibrate the most. Touring the exterior of this unparalleled monument, an absolute masterpiece of southern Gothic, is already a special experience as the walls are so high, making you dizzy, but discovering the sumptuous interior decor is stunning.

Sainte-Cécile Cathedral

Le Pont-vieux d'Albi en réalité augmentée avec Timescope
Albi Tourism


Tempted by an augmented reality visit?

An Timescope virtual reality kiosk has been established there since March on the belvedere of the Pont Vieux, rue Porta. This device is an access point to a brand new experience to live in Albi, that of immersion in history, in a 3D reconstruction of the evolution of the old bridge.

Immerse yourself in the history of Pont-Vieux

Escrime Albi
City of Albi


Move, vibrate to the rhythm of sporting events

Sports meetings

Albi Tourism

From one district to another, from one season to another

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Albi Tourism

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