www.albi-tourisme is committed to digital inclusion. You spotted the seahorse on the left side of our site, it's Lisio!

Our objective through this solution: information accessible to all with a version adapted to your specific difficulties, for a comfortable consultation, without risk of loss of information.

Albi Tourism
Albi Tourisme, an inclusive site thanks to Lisio

For your comfort, our website adapts to your needs.
If you have a disability, difficulty using digital or you live in an area with low network speeds…

Visitors without digital experience, with disabilities?

The Lisio module:

  • Simplifies and standardizes all pages
  • Displays all content in a familiar and reassuring format
  • Reduces fatigue, loss of self-confidence and abandonment
  • Adapt content: sizes, colors, shapes, interactions, etc.

It provides access to specific support tools needed such as:

  • Module for voice reading of all site texts
  • Accelerated display (x 100) for areas with low network speed
  • Comfortable reading on all media (smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • Translation into the visitor's native language

Compliant with GDPR

  • No personal data concerning visitors is centralized. Authorization for cookies is requested to keep their LISIO profile on the visitor's PC.
  •  Security: Only the site's public data, accessible by everyone on the web, is suitable. This system is suitable for highly secure HDS hosting (Health Data Hosting).
  • Servers hosted in France

Digital inclusion has been declared a national priority by the government.
Lisio participates in the AGEC law and the objectives of the SDAASP (Departmental Schemes for Improving the Accessibility of Services to the Public)


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