in Labastide-Denat

Circuit Vélo – C19 Circuit des berges de L'Assou

This loop of 43 kilometers for the sportsmen represents an excursion in the hills to meet the multitude of medieval villages.

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LABASTIDE-DENAT A magnificent bastide to visit, a picturesque village center and its episcopal heritage: a piéta, a XNUMXth century statue and paintings depicting the life of Saint Catherine.
RONEL church with Gothic choir, picturesque headbands, beautiful credenza, rings decorated in the apse. To discover: Museum the dream of the past.
LOMBERS: Former Cathar high place where the famous and first Council between Catholics and Cathars took place in May 1165. To discover: The Pigeons of Mount Royal. Visit of a traditional dovecote and aviaries of flesh and fancy pigeons.
THE GREENWAY “THE PATHS OF HUMAN RIGHTS” 44 km of an old railway line linking the towns of Albi and Castres have been converted into a greenway (sand track 3 m wide). Open to all non-motorized users.
SIEURAC Medieval church of Vitrac, Gothic portal elements and entrance to the chapels.
POULAN POUZOLS Saint Eugène church, Gothic vestiges in the choir. XNUMXth century castle remodeled in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century in the village (private).
REALMONT (nearby) This royal bastide founded in 1272 marks the center of the department. With its arcaded square, Réalmont remains a town known for its fairs and markets. To discover: historical circuit of the city – the Notre Dame du Taur church.
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DifficultyModerateDuration02hDistance43,0 km
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