Boucle du Gô – Balades en Albigeois

Near the historic center of the city of Albi, in a completely rural, calm and relaxing environment, the Boucle du Gô is ideal for family outings. 2kms500 / 45mn

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Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


This short and very easy walk will take you in the footsteps of the famous navigator JF. Galaup de Lapérouse. In this meander of the Tarn, the plain of Gô is also a privileged and protected space, to observe the local fauna and flora.

The plain of Gô, located in a meander of the Tarn, takes its name from an Occitan word meaning "ford, passage" which refers to the existence to the east of the plain, of a ferry which once established a link with Lescure d'Albigeois. The neighborhood,
located outside the medieval city of Albi and its suburbs, urbanized late. In medieval times, there was only one group of houses located north of the plain (the “Dalgo hamlet”); the land belongs to the bishops of Albi who organize religious events and rogations there. The Pioulet plateau was at that time the lazaret of Albi in times of plague and therefore received the name of "meadow of the infected" (now rue Branly). This vocation contributes to explain a late establishment of the habitat. At the end of the 70s, the district which had always constituted a single entity throughout history was split in two by the creation of the RN 88 (ring road) which separates the Gô plain from the most urbanized part.
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Duration00hElevation167 D +Distance2,3 km
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