in Cunac

Chemin des deux Vallons – Balades en Albigeois

From the Albigensian plain, the territory of Cunac gradually rises to the alluvial terraces of the Tarn, whose altitude is around 250 m. For a long time, valleys and hillsides have been conducive to vines. 2h45/10km600/medium

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Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Two peaceful streams, the Cunac and the Pontésié, lazing from east to west, give the Chemin des Deux Vallons its picturesque and contrasting character: hilly lakes, wooded valleys, meadows, vineyards, crops and vast airy plateaus delight the eye of the walker. by the variety of landscapes crossed and the beautiful views of the Albigeois.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation281 D +Distance10,6 km
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