Let's meet Jérôme Morcillo, manager of the Contemporary Art Gallery, a stone's throw from the historic center of Albi.

Introduce yourself and tell us where the idea of ​​setting up your gallery came from?

Jérôme Morcillo, I spent 12 years in the cultural milieu in a museum. I had this project to set up a gallery in Albi for 6 years. We have been open since early November 2022.
I went to galleries, museums, artists' studios to discover their work for fun and then at some point I said to myself why not get started and promote, accompany and defend these artists.

How is it going to select artists?

The crush is a lot there, artists that I have been following for a while on social networks but also certain artists who also come to me following word of mouth. I try to open the doors to artists that we don't know in Albi, coming from all over Europe.
The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday, every afternoon from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m. and after by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram et my website with the latest news.

Tell us about your current exhibition

Currently, we are exhibiting the works of Félicie Vignat, as part of her exhibition "The Infinite of Possibilities" which will end on February 26, 2023. An artist from Toulouse who uses different techniques, she works on canvases mostly in oil but also on paper with inks. She also uses the technique of tempera which consists in using egg white with which we work the pigment in order to find its color.

Portrait of... Jérôme Morcillo Gallery

PORTRAIT OF… JÉRÔME MORCILLO GALLERY? our new meeting to discover our members? #arts #albitourism #gallery #contemporaryart

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A small exclusion for the next exhibition?

the 1er March to April 16, 2023, it will be Catherine Duchene in painting and Davide Galbiati in sculpture. Namely that I also brought back sculptures of Joel Llopis who is a sculptor from Barcelona.

The gallery is open to everyone

We are at 300m from the Rochegude hotel which hosts exhibitions all year round and allows people to pursue their artistic adventure by coming to discover the gallery. Also the ease of parking, the discretion for people wishing to park and buy works favors the strategic positioning of our Avenue Gambetta location.

The philosophy of the Gallery?

During the exhibition, if you have a crush, you can leave with the work and which also allows you to submit a new work by the artist. The exhibition is therefore constantly changing whether you come on the first day or on the last.

Often, I expect to say: "I don't understand anything about art, it's not for me, it's elitist..."
While not, on the contrary, it is to open the doors to everyone and allow accessibility to art to anyone. I also add, no dress required, many people apologize but don't worry come as you are.

Open the doors to everyone and allow accessibility to art.

I find it unfortunate that people don't want to go back because they won't buy or don't have the means. No, it doesn't matter, we have fun visually. Myself, when I go to art galleries, it's not specifically to buy, it's to meet, treat myself, follow their work. It's the sharing that counts! 

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