The LAIT Art Centre

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The L.A.I.T, the International Artistic Laboratory of the Tarn, has promoted contemporary art in the Tarn for over 30 years: exhibitions, conferences, workshops...



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Dedicated to visual arts, this Art Centre involves many disciplines: literature, cinema, dance, music, architecture… Temporary exhibitions are combined with workshops, thematic visits, conferences and events. Famous artists have exhibited here, including Alan Schmalz, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Serban Savu, Oriol Vilanova, Victoria Klotz, Laurent Pernel etc... The Art Centre is dedicated to contemporary art, its diffusion and transmission. It also offers artist residencies, mediation actions, interventions on the territory, etc... 


Gaëlle Hippolyte and Lina Hentgen form the duo Hippolyte Hentgen. The duo draws on the history of art as well as popular culture. An intensive and invasive practice of drawing coexists with acrylics, fabrics, volumes and theatre sets. Their work incorporates in 2D and 3D, mixing tones (burlesque, naive) and references (from Jim Shaw to the cartoons of the 1930s, from underground to modernism). The exhibition is designed for young audiences.


Dedicated primarily to the visual arts, this Art Centre is also open to many disiplines, through various projects: literature, cinema, dance, music, architecture. It offers workshops, themed visits, conferences and events. Some big names have visited, including Alan Schmalz, Anne-Charlotte Vilanova, Victoria Klotz, Laurent Pernal, etc... 



Gesture barriers, distancing and masks are required in order to visit the exhibition. 

Opening times

  • April - September (from Wednesday to Sunday): 2:00pm - 7:00pm. 
  • October - March (from Wednesday to Sunday): 1:00pm - 6:00pm.

Free entry and access to all.

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