L'Artisan Pastellier


In the heart of Old Alby, in one of the oldest medieval streets in the city, discover our shop and dive into the Big Blue... Pastel: embroidered linen, clothes...
original accessories and particularly the authentic Pastel Blue.
The Artisan Pastellier’s creation was born from blending the talents of a chemical engineer with a renewed heritage of colours and natural dyes, in the Albi region. The Artisan Pastellier’s unique selling point is to offer its customers various authentic products based on natural colours, mineral and vegetable, in different ranges for the arts and decoration. Pastel blue* is the flagship product of the brand, given the historical importance of this colorant in our local and regional history.
An infinite range of shades but also a line of Fine Arts and Calligraphy products with natural colours.
Dyes on estimate, pigment mixtures

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5 Rue Puech Berenguier
81000 Albi 43° 55' 37.9128" N, 2° 8' 37.5936" E


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