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With Les Vélos de Frédo, visit Albi in style! Hire a bike for an hour or a day.
Discover Albi personally!
Do you want to hire a bike to get around Albi? We offer a convenient, quiet, ecological and economical way of getting around: cycling.
Les Vélos de Frédo have a fleet of bicycles for tours and visits, and are pleased to welcome you and offer advice.

Our beautiful, original bike designs are of high quality. They are equipped with manual brakes and are very comfortable.
The city of Albi offers a dense network of small streets which are perfect for bikes, promoting gentle travel and sustainable mobility.
Les Vélos de Frédo answer all your bicycle needs: short-term hiring (1 hour) or long-term (a day), visit the shop or the Tourist Information Centre for personalised advice.

Albi intoxicates visitors who indulge in the colourful charms of brick and its Cathar personality. It is a pleasure for tourists to stroll along the historic streets to discover the treasures of its architectural heritage. Sainte Cecilia’s Cathedral with its large square, the cloister of Saint Salvi, old Albi and its amazing architecture are among the must-see attractions. The Tarn bridges offer cyclists very interesting bike rides, all in a green setting.


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