MEETING WITH: Paul and Alexandre ROLLAND for the Rayssaguel Farm

Rayssaguel Farm, it is above all a family affair. Attached to his Lands Paul Rolland cultivates a taste for the Terroir and tradition. The goal is to offer you the best farm products from the South-West, more precisely the Tarn. The farm is located in the heart of the TARN near Albi and extends over more than 80 Hectares. It has belonged to the family for 2 generations, today it is Alexandre, Catherine, Eglantine, Marc Rolland who run the family business run for a long time by their parents Paul and Renée.

In the surrounding countryside, the cottage et guest rooms of the Rolland family are the ideal place to rest and enjoy all the charms of the farm. With friends or family come spend a few days in this large cottage.

On these Albigensian lands, the Ferme de Rayssaguel raises Ducks, Calves and Beef to transform them and offer you farm products. They are the first to have introduced this breed of cattle in the department.

What breeding represents for us is respect for the well-being of the animal, listening to them, and loving them. But of course we also do not forget the well-being of man.


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