From Mont Lozère, the Tarn river makes its way over more than 300 km. From Villefort to Albi, the route follows the course of the river, inviting you to discover landscapes as different as each other, closely linked to geological history.

New landscapes as you travel

The GR® 736 route, Valley and Gorges of the Tarn offers a multimodal and multi-activity discovery, from Villefort in Lozère to Albi in the Tarn. It's more than 300kms to travel from the source of the Tarn to cross Gorges and Causses, massifs and plains and go from one adventure of walks and hikes to another:>>> the granites of Mont Lozère, the limestones of the Causses, the shales of the Cévennes and Ségala


A multi-activity adventure for all audiences

GR® 736 is...

  • 315 kms
  • 3 departments: Lozère, Aveyron, Tarn
  • 2 natural parks: Cévennes park and the Grands Causses PNR
  • 15 hiking stages to do on foot, by bike, on horseback and even in the water
  • cultural stages: Millau, Marssal, Albi

Steps to spot

PNR Grands Causses

On the route of the GR® 736

  • Mont Lozère, source of the Tarn
  • the listed site of the Gorges du Tarn
  • Millau Viaduct
  • the rasps downstream of Saint Rome de Tarn
  • the Ségala and its meanders
  • Saut du Sabot in Saint Juéry

In paddle or canoe, the adventure continues along the GR® 736

Focus on the Ambialet / Albi section

Between heritage and nature, between the Episcopal city and the wild valley of the Tarn, the Grand site Albi, Vallée du Tarn echoes each other irresistibly.

The GR® 736 topo guide


Le guide book GR® 736 Gorges and Valley of the Tarn is on sale in the Albi Tourist Office shop

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