Our quality approach

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The Albi Tourist Information Centre has implemented a quality approach since 2008, in order to always satisfy visitors better and to improve the services provided to socio-professional partners, the community or the population.

What are the advantages of a quality approach?

Internally :

  • better organisation to facilitate daily work
  • a professional tool for the team
  • a permanent tool for evaluation and progress
  • a tool to help enliven the region
  • a specific method to value actions
  • a tool to adapt services to customer expectations
  • a way to sustain activities and jobs
  • a decision support tool for communities


  • Differentiate and position itself in a competitive universe
  • build customer loyalty
  • lead by example in relation to local tourism stakeholders
  • change the view of the Tourist Information Centre by local partners


The Albi Tourist Information Centre’s quality commitments to customers

A Category 1 Tourist Information Centre

The Albi Tourist Information Centre applied for a new Category 1 classification, the level of excellence of the new national classification.

Awarded by the state for five years, this recognition is a measurement of the quality and the services provided.

It rewards the various professional actions carried out by the Tourist Information Centre team in terms of:

  • reception (multilingual advisers, open 7 days a week, qualified and up-to-date information) and quality accessibility
  • promotion and communication  (complete, qualified information, accessible to all and on any media, a strategic presence on social networks ...),
  • quality of service (recognised quality approach, staff qualifications and skills...).
  • involvement of the local economy and tourism (annual calendar of events, tailored support)

To obtain its Category 1 classification, the Tourist Information Centre must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an entrepreneurial type structure. For this, the Albi Tourist Information Centre develops services and products to increase its own revenue. It has set up a customer feedback service and measures its effectiveness through indicators.
  • Develop the tourism economy in its area of geographical coverage. The Albi Tourist Information Centre provides targeted promotion and marketing to potential customers with high purchasing power to increase consumption within the destination.
  • To be located in the heart of important and international tourist flows. The Tourist Information Centre hosts more than 270,000 visitors each year, 30% of whom are foreigners.
  • Garner loyalty from professionals. The Tourist Information Centre informs them of its strategy and its actions via a newsletter and a Pro space on its website. Partnerships are regularly developed around promotional activities, press receptions, organisation or sale of stays.
  • Be managed by a director supported by specialist staff in accordance with the criteria of the Tourism Quality Standard.


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