The Palace Gardens

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The Berbie Episcopal Palace adjoins the powerful Saint Cecilia cathedral. A magnificent garden, registered as a remarkable garden, is hidden behind the giant of bricks with its massive, military appearance: the Palace gardens. They are one of the most visited locations in the city.


The episcopal fortress has been converted over the centuries into a residence fit for princes. The former arms store became a pleasure garden under orders from the first archbishop of Albi, Hyacinthe Serroni, following a design for French style gardens. The curtains, a former walkway were modified and transformed into a shaded walk. A panoramic view opens on to the banks of the Tarn river below, the Pont Vieux, the old windmills and the Madeleine district on the right bank of the Tarn.


The gardens of the Berbie Palace are characteristic of the classic gardens : boxwood arabesques on a bed of white gravel, simply accompanied in summer by a quality floral display. One of the City’s gardeners works there. He is responsible for the organic maintenance (as any chemical treatment is prohibited), pruning the gardens and the summer flowering.

The gardens are classified as remarkable gardens.

Albi les jardins du Palais de la Berbie - Albi Tourisme, par Fabienne



panoramic terrace is very easy to reach and affords a view of the whole garden and the Madeleine district on the right bank of the Tarn, named after the church that was built there in the 19th century. Turning back, a view of the cathedral gives the impression of total power, the walls rising 40m in height, and 78 for the bell tower. Breathtaking !


  • Access is free
  • October - March: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • 1st April - 30th September : 8:00am - 7:00pm