Let's meet Mathias Groc, manager of Eat Salad in Albi and learn more about his career and the concept of the franchise.

Mathias, introduce yourself and tell us about your background.

My name is Mathias Groc, I am the manager of Eat Salad. As a young Albigensian, I have always worked in commerce. Previously, I was director of a Vallée Office in Castelnaudary and before that I managed 8 sushi outlets.
I discovered the concept of Eat Salad in Toulouse, of which I was a customer. I wanted to develop my entrepreneurial side (designing, formatting etc…) and I was looking for a concept that I liked and that existed in order to adapt it to my know-how and put into practice the experience acquired in my previous professional experiences. I worked at big national brands like McDonald's, Bureau Vallée, Burger King... and in 2021, I sent an email to the Eat Salad franchise where I was able to meet the founders in Bordeaux and from there materialized to ride one in Albi.

Eat Salad Albi

Where is your restaurant located?

The Pop'A commercial area is an area that brings together several diverse and varied food trades and is located in the Rodez axis towards Toulouse, which generates flow. Our restaurant is fortunate to have a terrace where you can eat without the incessant flow of cars. We also see that Albi is welcoming more and more big brands: Starbucks, Fnac, Leroy Merlin and now Eat Salad.

"Eat Salad is one of these new modes of consumption where you can tailor your product"

Let's talk about Eat Salad and its concept.

The concept in 4 words 

"Compose, create, vary and enjoy"

Eat Salad is the possibility of making your salad to measure according to your desires. But also according to a team whose strong point is welcoming the customer with a smile. We have a team made up of 6 different but complementary personalities with the aim of satisfying the customer. The products we offer are fresh, we play with seasonality (raclette, soups in winter, mozzarella di buffala, gazpacho in summer, for example).
Our team is able to offer ingredients that will go perfectly with your salad with a balanced blend (proteins, cheeses, vegetables) in order to give homogeneity to your salad to be able to eat in a healthy, pleasant and crunchy way.

 “When you enter Eat Salad, it's a place where you feel good, you're going to have a good time. It is something that we want to keep and develop »

We are also in an ecological approach where every day, we are careful to throw away the minimum, we pay attention to our production quantities. We use recycled and recyclable bowls for takeout.

Portrait of... Eat Salad

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A little word for our visitors?

When you come on vacation, you need to have a good time, to relax... With us, you will have a good time both inside and outside while eating healthy. We can respond to visitors who would like to eat quickly in order to be able to go on visits, but also to respond to visitors wishing to take the time to have lunch and extend the afternoon by having a tea, etc. We can come here to make a stopover before going visit Cordes-Sur-Ciel or even Sauveterre de Rouergue in Aveyron, 2 places that I particularly like. We have a team that speak foreign languages ​​(English, Spanish, Portuguese).

Eat Salad Albi - team

We also sell online with Uber. Namely that from 3 or 4 salads ordered, our team can deliver you directly to the city center.

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