Let's meet Félix Catala, manager of the Izon Corp Live Escape Game Albi and discover its immersive escape rooms in which your choices will be decisive.

Introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

I am Félix Catala and before I was a videographer, freelance graphic designer for 10 years in Toulouse. After two years of training at the European School of Art and Materials (EEAM), I discovered escape games and I said to myself this is what I need! So I embarked on a new challenge and created an innovative escape game called Izon Corp, in reference to a science fiction film (Cube).

I like to work on the decor, the story, I can take the spectators and integrate them into my story in total immersion. I have this desire in my rooms to integrate material, for example I made at the entrance of Izon Corp this Batman in plaster that I sculpted next.

Portrait of...Izon Corp

PORTRAIT OF… IZON CORP? our new meeting place to discover our members? #escapegame #exhaust #albitourism #SF

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Tell us about the concept

I opened in March 2020. The initial goal of escapes games is to get out of the room. Here the concept is to follow the story and get to the end and the particularity is that there are choices to be made at the end of the story and these choices lead you to different endings. The principle of the game is still the puzzles but the players will be more involved in this story. My goal was to bring this experience to life as if you were in a movie.

This experience is accessible to all ages. A lot of grandparents bring their grandchildren and think they'll be there just to watch, but in the end they get in on the fun and even more to boost the kids.

Here, you will not find VR (virtual reality) but many small references to Science-fiction films which will be used for the narration. At the entrance there are several posters of films like Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, 2001, the Odyssey of the species... In Hyperion, the first room that I set up (and which is not the easier), there are quite a few references to those films. Don't worry if you don't have the references you can play it without problems and for the players who have them, you will have a small advantage.

Our sets, puzzles, scenarios and soundscapes draw on these influences to give you a unique experience.

I prefer to limit to 5 people in the room to favor the comfort of the players to make the most of the experience. We also welcome works councils as part of cohesion days...

We are located on route de Millau near the VOA, in a new commercial area with a restaurant next door, easy access parking. I was looking for a room large enough (here 120m² with an additional mezzanine) to create rooms and arrange them as well as possible.

Find me on Facebook et Instagram and do not hesitate to book your experience.

Farm. Opens tomorrow at 13:30 p.m.
2 rue François d’Arago
81000 Albi
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