Let's meet Jonathan and Stéphanie, managers of Jo'nuts in Albi and learn more about the making and creation of their delicious donuts.

Introduce yourself and tell us where this passion for donuts comes from?

My name is Jonathan, I am a baker by profession and I started making donuts for fun as a side job. In collaboration with my partner Stéphanie, we first started pick-up point delivery in September 2021. Faced with this enthusiasm, we decided to embark on the adventure and open our shop in the city center on May 21. 2022.

You should know that I particularly like American culture and it all started with a weekend when I started testing donuts for my family. Then, we started giving a taste to our relatives, our friends, etc. and one evening a friend said to me: "I think you have to get started" and from there the name was obvious: "Jo' nuts”. We then launched the Facebook then our Instagram page and the communication worked well, Stéphanie mastered everything in particular.

Portrait of....Jonuts

PORTRAIT OF… JO'NUTS 🍩 our new meeting to discover our members @Jo'Nuts 🍩 #joints #donuts #donutshop #albi #albitourism #food

♬ Pumpkins – Chris Alan Lee

Regarding the design of the donuts, how is it going?

Very visual, being reactive and on trend, I think in advance about the donut I'm going to make, what ingredient I'm going to put in it and finally the test phases, that's where our entourage benefits. And if it's validated, we offer it in our showcase.


  • the Nutella Bomb
  • Country Smaks
  • the Bueno

Little by little, customers are beginning to appreciate new tastes and new elaborate creations, especially those filled with cream, etc.

We are also attentive to the desires of our customers and above all, we survey them every month!

On Instagram, “What donut would you like to see at the store? » ; as there we surveyed them to find out which since the opening they had loved so that we would propose it again one year from the opening, May 21, 2023, note the date!
We also offer donuts according to key dates and events: for example the special yule log for Christmas, a special Halloween creation and soon the special Valentine's Day donut...

Accompanied by your donut, we also offer you homemade drinks, bubble tea, gourmet drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, tea). We also work locally with Coffee color (partner of the Tourist Office)

You should also know that we can make special orders for weddings, baptisms, gender reveals, private events... by reservation.

Your loyalty principle?

When you come to the store and you make 5 stories mentioning Jo'nuts, there is a donut bowl offered and you can also take the loyalty card which consists after 5 visits to the store, you will have a free hot drink and at the 10th arrival: 1 donut of your choice offered.

Do not hesitate to come and meet us, we are located near the Court and the rue de l'hôtel de ville!

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