Let's meet Agnès Boulais-Perrote, manager of Onimana in Albi and learn more about the values ​​of this bag and accessories boutique.

Agnès, introduce yourself and tell us what the name Onimana means?

"At the beginning of the year, let me introduce you to a little paradise born a short time ago in Albi
Onimana is indeed a small haven of authenticity, where you will of course find quality bags and shoes on your feet. A magical place, magnificent creations for a unique experience with a hint of audacity and often a lot of class, the designers you will discover all have an innate talent. »

To explain to you the origin of the name of the shop, I lived 1 year in New Zealand and Onimana is a village in the north which is written “Onemana” but which is pronounced Onimana. Not wishing to distort the true oral pronunciation, I decided to leave the "i" in place of the "e". This little place is a real treasure, a little paradise located by the sea where I often went.

So when I opened my shop on June 24, 2022 where we had a great inauguration, in particular by inviting local merchants: La clef des vins, Croc'citan (closed to date). For me, it is important to unite between merchants, help each other and work hard to offer authenticity and strengthen social ties.

Portrait of... Onimana

PORTRAIT OF… ONIMANA 👜 our new meeting to discover our members #onimana #fashion #bags #albi #albitourism

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Tell me more about your project:

It's a project I've had for many years, there's a designer Julie Meuriss that I've known for 15 years and it was she who made me want to set up my designer bag shop.

3 words that qualify Onimana?

Paradise, authenticity and human.

There are about thirty creators here that I try to meet, talk to them, learn about their profession, their know-how. Each one has their mark, their talent, their history, their way of working. Some small and large structures are welcome. Essentially, I only work with French creators. There are 3 European neighbours: German, Dutch and Catalan.

What I offer in the shop is also the result of my encounters, what people tell me. Very often I have clients who tell me about designers they know and whom I do not hesitate to contact.

We tried with Melissa, my collaborator, to expand our range with the absolute rule of thinking about Mother Nature and staying in the eco-responsible spirit and not going beyond manufacturing outside Europe.

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