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Are there city tours by bus?

The discovery of Albi is made Strolling along, With a conferral guide or in little tourist train

What activities to do with children?

Children can transform into treasure hunters, follow Lapérouse's travel diary, board the little train or the barge in summer. On the leisure side, Climbing, skate park, Atlantis or Karting will make them happy

Where to park for free?

Free spaces are available on the last levels at the bottom of the cathedral car park, place Arnaud Beltrame in the Madeleine district, under the Castelviel hall, Lude car park

What are the farmer's market days in Albi

  • Open-air market on Saturday morning around the hall and place de la pile,
  • Castelviel market on Thursday from 16 p.m. –
  • Namely From Tuesday to Sunday morning, market under the Covered Market Hall
  • See all markets

Where to picnic?

Picnics are allowed:

What day are museums in Albi closed?

Monday: concerns the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, Laperouse Museum, Fashion Museum are closed

Can Toulouse-Lautrec's birthplace be visited?

The Hôtel du Bosc, the painter's birthplace, rue Toulouse-Lautrec, cannot be visited. It still belongs to descendants of the painter.

What to do on Monday in Albi?

No, not everything is closed on Mondays in Albi!

  • Visit the cathedral,
  • discover the historic center on foot with the heritage circuits,
  • the Saint-Salvi cloister,
  • the gardens of the Berbie Palace,
  • a guided tour of the Episcopal City starting at 14:30 p.m.,
  • take the little train

A gas station open on Sunday?

Auto 81
120 avenue François Verdier – open from 7:30 a.m. to 20 p.m.

Who is the architect of the Cordeliers theater

Dominique Perrault, made famous in particular by his work at the Bibliothèque de France in Paris, carried out a daring project centered on metallic meshes, the play of matter and light. 4900m2 of aluminum mesh cover the walls. THE Grand Theatre was inaugurated in 2014.

Why do we also say Sainte-Cécile basilica?

The cathedral seat of the Bishop received the honorary title of basilica, title given to the pope for the reception of the relics of a Saint in this case Saint Cecilia

What day are the July 14 fireworks in Albi?

The fireworks are fired July 14 in the evening, from the banks of the Tarn, above the Episcopal City. The magic lasts 30 minutes.

What culinary specialty in Albi?

The salted liver radish or cod cassoulet are typical Albigensian dishes. They are always served at Lautrec restaurant, installed in the former stables of the Toulouse-lautrec family.

What is the crusade against the Albigensians?

The Albigensian Crusade was conducted from 1208 to 1249 by the Catholic Church against the Cathar heretics or perfect following the assassination of the Pope's legate. Catharism is a religious movement which took on a lot of importance in the region in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. The Cathars do not believe in the Virgin and the Saints, and adopt a more “poor” way of life.

What is the difference between Cathars and Albigensians?

The Cathars received the name of Albigenses following the 1st council signed in Lombers en Albigenses, a few kilometers from Albi.

Where is the bathroom ?

Locate the public toilets near the Albi Tourist Office


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