Do you know ABIs? These are volunteers who, during the summer season, support the Tourist Office for a first reception outside the walls.

The ABI, but who are they?

Lovers of their city who have a sense of contact. These happy volunteers come from all walks of life and of all ages. They have one thing in common: they love Albi and like to share their attachment to their city.
Every summer, they wait for tourists to tell them about their city. Give them the plan of the city and some other good plans. They ? These are the Albi volunteer information pool: it is an atypical approach, quite unique in the world of tourism supported by the City of Albi and the Tourist Office.

Their mission?

Reach out to visitors to offer them a tour plan, help them find their way around the city, show them must-see places, useful addresses, etc.

Posted at the entrance to the car park of the Cathedral, towards Place Sainte-Cécile and the neighboring pedestrian streets, they are there to facilitate our visitors' stay and refer to the Tourist Office for any purchase of visits, passes or any other more detailed information. Much appreciated, this reception outside the walls pleases with its original and unexpected side; ABIs are first and foremost residents and that is what gives them added value!

Albi Tourism
Albi Volunteer Info

How are ABIs recognized?

Albi Tourism

The ABI are recognizable by their red t-shirt with the word “Welcome” written in several languages ​​and the ABI logo on it, and their broad smile!

If you would like to join this dynamic team, contact Caroline Dubet.

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