What is a bed and breakfast?

These are “furnished rooms located in private homes to accommodate tourists, for a fee, for one or more nights, together with services”. In addition, this regulation limits the accommodation capacity to five rooms for a maximum capacity of 15 people. It also includes the supply of services: cleaning the room, supply of breakfast and household linen as well as the reception of customers by the inhabitant.

Declaration in town hall

Bed and breakfasts must be declared at the town hall (article L. 324-4 of the Tourism Code).

What regulations are they subject to?

Guest rooms are subject to the hotel regulations in terms of advertising, prices and rating. When paying, the host is therefore required to submit a note indicating:

  • the date,
  • company name and address,
  • the number of the occupied room,
  • the duration of your rental,
  • the name and address of the bed and breakfast,
  • the prices, taxes and service included for the services provided to you,
  • the total amount due.

Should I be labelled?

Adhering to a label is not mandatory but present several interests. In order to choose among all the labels, those which are the most relevant for you, identify which values ​​defend these labels. Also ask yourself the questions: “Are these values ​​similar to my project?”
Two major advantages to be valued:

  • Increase your visibility, especially that of your website in order to be better referenced,
  • Benefit from a rating / distinction recognized by your future customers.

What are the labels?

Gîtes de France

1st homestay accommodation network in Europe. Personalized welcome by the owner(s). This label guarantees quality accommodation, monitored and controlled, meeting comfort standards thanks to the Gîtes de France classification.

Bed and Breakfast

Network of guest rooms labeled for their quality of comfort and welcome. The labeled guest rooms are regularly visited and classified.


Approved by the Ministry of Tourism. The selection criteria are: the external enhancement of the accommodation and the total absence of nuisances, the comfort, the furniture and the decoration, the welcome provided by the owner or his authorized representative.

What is Reference Bed and Breakfast? a qualifying tool.

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