For a more efficient reception, we offer you meetings, exchanges and training throughout the year.

Do you welcome seasonal staff or interns?

Let's give them together the keys to the territory for a better reception and customer service.
It is important that they too have a good knowledge of the local offer! This is why we have created a Seasonal Welcome Kit. We offer you a half-day of information, in our premises. Let us know your needs and we will organize this moment of discussion with our teams. Objectives:

  • know the essentials of Albi (tourism, culture, practical information, etc.) so that your employees know the information they need to better answer your visitors' questions.
  • Get to know us better, from the reception of the Tourist Office to our website and the various applications that will make their lives easier!
  • follow a guided tour of the Episcopal City to understand the heritage in which they will work

To improve your skills with the training offered by the CCI Tarn:

CCI Tarn
[email protected]
P. 07 89 08 49 08
  • 26/05 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Speakers: TREARE CYBERSEC (81) - Webinar | How to protect your business from a phishing / phishing attempt? Phishing is arguably the most common and dangerous attack for businesses today. This webinar will explain the fundamentals of Phishing and give you techniques and tips to protect yourself as much as possible! Webinar via ZOOM
  • JUNE – date to come – PraTIC |Increase your visibility by optimizing the referencing of your images. More and more Internet users search directly in image engines, in order to continue to be visible, companies must optimize their visuals for the web. This breakfast will allow you to learn the basic techniques to optimize the referencing of your images – Location: Tarn – Albi CCI - Free of charge
  • JUNE – date to come – Speaker: CEOS CONSEIL (81) - Master class | The legal of e-commerce: how to secure your online trade? This practical and collaborative workshop will allow you to better understand the legal fundamentals (CGV, mediation, Hamon Law, RGPD, …) and legal obligations related to online sales – Location: Tarn – Albi CCI – Paid
  • Lth 16/03 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - Speaker and partner: LISIO (81) - Digital Cleanup Day : Clean your data to build responsible digital. A webinar and a practical workshop to initiate a responsible digital approach. Clean your data and act concretely on your digital environmental footprint. The events will begin with an introduction / awareness of responsible digital. Two successive sessions to clean data and emails Webinar via ZOOM then clean your smartphone. Location: Tarn – Castres CCI
  • 17/03 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - Speaker: SOPHIE TURPAUD AGENCY (31) - webinar | Why be on Pinterest in 2023? Pinterest is a social network whose vocation is to share and organize images and which is gaining more and more momentum. How to effectively use this platform? How useful for your business? What strategy to put in place? These are some of the questions that will be covered during this webinar. Webinar via ZOOM
  • 27/03 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Speaker: CCI TARN (81) - Masterclass | Canva, an essential tool to professionalize your visuals for social networks. In order to help you quickly design quality content, this practical workshop will give you the basics to use, create and distribute attractive content thanks to the CANVA application – Location: Tarn – Castres CCI
  • lth 11/04 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Speaker: WEBPREMIERE (81) - PraTIC | The fundamentals of a successful website in 2023. Creating or redesigning a website has never been complex. It is necessary to take into account the needs of the company, the expectations and uses of the customers, the constraints of webmarketing, technique and security, while having a sufficiently flexible structure to meet the requirements of search engines in order to be as visible as possible! Location: Tarn – Castres CCI

Educational tours & visits

The program of guided tours and eductours offered in the 1st semester ends

Chocolate workshop - Chocolate Museum Lisle sur Tarn

March: A gourmet day
Join us for a workshop-tasting at the Gaillac Wine House, lunch break then visit of the chocolate arts museum
of Lisle-sur-Tarn.

Petticoats and Froufrous

Thursday April 6 – “Petticoats, frills and brothels”
A commented tour on the “Albi scoundrel” from the Middle Ages to the present day offered by AGIT.

Sustainable development: The Tourist Office is part of a CSR approach and offers you two
workshops/training in partnership with the Agglomeration Community on this theme:
Monday March 6 at 14 p.m.: Waste sorting / Monday March 20 at 14 p.m.: Composting

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